New site/Thread on

Ever since DNAS skip became obsolete, there is nothing stopping us from posting on OBSRV about the patch since now there are no tools to help pirates access the server. So I decided to make a github for the project to better preserve the patch in the future. I probably will not update this site anymore, but will keep everything here as is for now.

Here's the thread and link to the patches:

Translation Update 1/8/2018

A new update for the English translation has been released. There are two different download links available to choose from, new and old. If you ever need to revert back to a previous version, that option is now available.

This update includes various minor improvements and enables half-width English characters for chatting in the online lobbies. Not only will you have more room to express yourself, but you can also create longer HNs now. However, be mindful when setting room passwords using half-width English characters. Only players who have them enabled will be able to join.

Huge shout-out to Wanwei1116 for the help!